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This section pays tribute to those unuseless items that are too culturally specific for the chindogu purist, but nonetheless worthy of note.

Check back every month.  (It might be the same Region-Coded Chindogu next month, but it just might not be, you never know.)


“Unuseless” Invention #CC33:
Eau de My-Head-is-Not-a Toillette™
At last, a Chindogu that’s not for the birds.

There’s a glacial lake known as Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia National Park, located in the county of Gwynedd in North Wales.  The lake is named, appropriately enough, for someone named Idwal.  Idwal was lucky enough to be the son of Owain, prince of Gwynedd, but he was also unlucky in that he was pushed into this lake and drowned.  The tragedy apparently still dwells in the waters, for locals insist that to this day no bird will dare fly overhead.

To practical matters: if you’ve ever had a pigeon apply mousse to your hair when it didn’t particularly need it, you might agree that there are times when you’d prefer birds not to fly overhead. Wouldn’t it be great to take the bird-discouraging power of lake Cym Idwal and, well, bottle it? Enter this month’s cultural chindogu treasure, the spray-on fragrance we’ve affectionally dubbed Eau de My-Head-is-Not-a Toillette™.

Bottled at the Cwm Idwal source and then pleasantly perfumed, the hope is this: Not only will a dab of this do you for smelling nice in the morning, it will (just possibly) work to keep you that way throughout the day.