Gadgets aren’t just gadgets anymore.  The trend nowadays is to put everything online.  Even your milk carton is likely to have a chip in it.  (And we don’t mean that scrap of potato that somehow found its way in there that time when you didn’t have time to find a drinking glass.)

Right now you’re probably viewing this very page on some sort of electro-communication device.  Well, Chindogu can play that game, too.  We’ve got an assortment of apps that will also work on your electro-commuication device, that are close enough to useful without quite getting there to be considered unuseless, and that are, in short, digital chindogu.



“Unuseless” On-line App #14:
Rulerless Ruler™
This app rules!
You’re busy. We know. Maybe you’ve got just enough time to measure off a piece of cloth or cut a strip of paper. But that doesn’t mean you have seconds, minutes, even hours to waste rummaging through counters or crawling behind furniture trying to find a ruler. Well, brush yourself off and take heart.

Rulerless Ruler™ is an app that brings to your desktop, where you need it, a virtual and professionally calibrated tool for measuring and aligning…all with a single click! (Single click if you happen to be on the “Unuseless In-Site Apps” page, of course; a few more clicks if you’re elsewhere on the internet.)

Now that crummy 12 inch scrap of plastic no longer rules the roost. You’re in control. All you need is a computer or similar electro-communicative device and running to find a ruler is a thing of the past.

One tip, however: When you do locate your actual physical 12 inch ruler, we suggest you don’t actually throw it away. The accuracy of Rulerless Ruler™ can vary depending on your screen and browser settings. You may need your hard ruler from time to time to verify that Rulerless Ruler™ is correctly sized. In fact, you might want to keep your physical ruler on your desk near your computer, so it will be handy.


“Unuseless” On-line App #17:
Disco Strobe Screen™
A party in your pocket…or on your computer screen!
After a long hour of typing at your desk (or texting on your phone), wouldn’t it be great to get up and boogie for a few minutes.

The problem is, even if you have the music, you often don’t have the atmosphere.  Disco Strobe Screen™ gets you in the mood, by bringing the high-tech light tricks of a discotheque to your fingertips.  Click on this app, then get up and boogie.  Even the worst dancers look cool when accompanied by strobe lighting.

Not recommended for use on crowded trains.