“Unuseless” Invention #142
 Fone Face™
Hide your shame, make your call
The convenience of “always with you” telephony is often overrated and not without its drawbacks.  You need a cellular solution because pay phones are fast going the way of the plesiosaur.  Plus friends and associates expect to be able to get in touch at all hours.  The problem is that it’s rude to take calls in crowded places.  For naturally rude people, of course, this isn’t actually a problem.  But what do the rest of us do when we absolutely must use the phone yet can’t endure the shame of being a nuisance?  Answer: Fone Face™.   It’s particularly hard to hear and be heard through mobile devices on crowded trains and the like…but shouting invites even more dirty looks from those sitting next to you (who may well have every right to be non-plussed).  Fone Face™ fixes both dilemmas.  Not only does this transceiver-equipped mask provide the perfect barrier between you and the rude world, it also serves to amplify the voice of the person on the other end of the line.  So now when it’s an absolute legitimate emergency and you really must make that call no two ways about it, you can retreat into your own personal safety zone and deliver urgent messages from behind your blockade…urgent messages such as “I’m on the train now” and “Do you want me to pick up some milk?”