“Unuseless” Invention #140
Clear Skies Umbrella™
Sunshine on a cloudy day…or at least a reasonable facsimile.
Gene Kelly notwithstanding, walking in the rain tends to be a gloomy and depressing prospect even with an umbrella. (This could explain why, for the point of view of neighbors further south, the Brits seem such a morose bunch.)  Not only are there clouds in the sky, but your umbrella itself keeps you in a perpetual shadow, a dark, empty and lonesome world. Well, chindogu can’t change the weather, but the Clear Skies Umbrella™ can do the next best thing. Now suddenly there are glowing planets and twinkling suns to brigthen your mood. And if that’s not enough, flip the switch and an a 9-volt LED sun will shine to light your way. Not so much that you’ll need to put on sunscreen, but enough, perhaps, to make for a brighter outlook.  In fact, it’s not inconcievable that with a gadget like this, people who live in dark and cloudy climates may start wanting to use their umbrella even when it isn’t raining!