“Unuseless” Invention #163:
Zen Litter Box™
Let’s Cats Truly “Go in Peace.”
The Zen Litter Box™ provides the answer to two common household dilemnas in one fell scoop, as it were. It gives tense and un-enlightened kitties a better way to act out their disdain for the material world than attacking the legs of your furniture, and it turns an unpleasant pet amenity into a garden of inner peace. After all, why should the prospect of attaining nirvana be reserved solely for humans?  Ever watched a cat doing its business? They sure look like they’re meditating. The Zen Litter Box™ transforms those kitty facilities into your pet’s personal sanctuarity of tranquility, as gratifying for us to look at as it is for them to experience. Now, the next time your cat craves “fulfillment”, she may find it in more ways than one.