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“Chindogu Training”

An excerpt from Kenji Kawakami’s last TV appearance. The man that coined the term “chindogu” gets an ABC news reporter to ride the Tokyo subways with him so he can showcase a number of would-be commuting aids.

(The segment was filmed when the trains weren’t crowded. One can imagine that these unuseless implements might not have been a hit with fellow passengers during rush hour…which is exactly why they’re chindogu!)

Ride, Kenji, Ride…

“Definitively Chindogu”

A succinct explanation of chindogu’s (possible) place in the history of technology from the popular History Channel-produced series Modern Marvels.

This clip features the International Chindogu Society’s own president, Dr. Dan Papia.  When someone asks you to explain just exactly what this whole chindogu thing is, you might refer them here.

 Chindogu is…