Chindogu Item for 17th July 2024


“Unuseless” Invention #9:
Hay Fever Hat™
Tissues keep close, while others keep their distance
The most frantic moments for hay fever sufferers are not necessarily the ones filled with sneezing and sniffling.  They’re frequently the ones during which the sufferer is struggling to produce a clean tissue in time to effectively deal with the sneezing and sniffling.  (And every now and then they are the washing and wiping moments when said tissues could not be brought to task quickly enough.)  Let’s face it, purses and pockets are fine for storing items to can be found at one’s leisure.  But when you have to be fast on the draw, you need your tissues nearby.  The Hay Fever Hat™ does a lot more than keep wiping implements closer at hand.  It helps to prevent torn tissues, torn pockets, coins and keys flying from across the room when sneezes strike suddenly.  Meanwhile, not only are your tissues always in sight, alerting you when you’re running low, the Hay Fever Hat™ serves as a warning to everyone else in the vicinity that sudden gusts should be expected.









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