“Unuseless” Invention #19
Hat Pack™
Hat Head?  Try this instead!

Hats may protect your gorgeous locks from the ravages of inclement weather, but you still won’t be able to justifiably showcase your “new do” when you arrive at your destination…whether you spent all morning at that hair salon or not.  They may succeed in keeping their clientele dry, but there’s one persistent problem that the haberdasheries of the world have yet to solve: hat head.  Fear not.  Chindogu has arrived once again to save your scalp.  Enter Hat Pack™, the first hat that does what it’s supposed to, but isn’t worn on your head. It’s over your head.  Literally.  Your back and shoulders keep the article in place so that your hair stays put as well. Furthermore, gentlemen will appreciate the added benefit of not constantly having to remove their hat every time a lady happens to pass.  Hat Pack™ has manners and chivalry covered, as well as your hair.  Hats off to this great new unuseless item!  (n.a. if you’re already wearing one, of course.)