“Unuseless” Invention #189:
AC Free Charger™
Lets new batteries breathe life into old ones
Now you can recharge batteries on the go and without taxing the household current.  The AC Free Charger™ will pump power back into almost any old dry cell battery, provided you’ve got time to wait…and also 12 newer batteries to draw from. The reason this particular item isn’t likely to succeed in the practical market place is obvious: your one lucky battery is now going to live longer, but you’re shortening the lives of twelve other poor dry cell souls in the process (unless, of course, you’re willing to spring for 144 more, but that’s another discussion).  Still, in the education realm, this gadget may prove quite useful in teaching young ones an important lesson before they advance to the carrying of plastic in their wallets–there’s no such thing in life as a free charge.